Excerpts From NBC Universal’s February 20, 2013 Motion to Stay Proceedings Filed in Response to Zimmerman Civil Suit:


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  1. BigBoi (@BigBoithedog) says :

    Thanks so much for getting the NBC copy for us.

  2. justicetm says :

    Not a Problem. Check back early and often for new pleadings, docs, pictures, etc… this site is for all the Warriors to interact with each other.

  3. BigBoi (@BigBoithedog) says :

    Sounds good to me. We will have 2 awesome blogs for Trayvon’s Warriors now. Here and http://dothprotesttoomuch.com/

  4. Thats_so_not_racist says :

    Welcome to WordPress and the Trayvon Warrior blogging network…you’ll love the Spam filter…use it early and often! 🙂

  5. V. P. (@vlpate2) says :

    What’s really cool is you can make up fake names and talk to yourself! Oh, and click refresh till your fingers bleed for better ratings! Ohohoh, and you can edit comments from readers who intimidate you. Have fun!

    • Thats_so_not_racist says :

      What would a pro-Trayvon blog be without the requisite white-child only advocate to come pee in everyone’s corn flakes for us to have a nice laugh at her need to obviously leave an effervescent stink trail of hate where ever she goes. True to form she shows up for entertainment. FYI – no one cares about your opinion. BTW – how’s your blog? Re-newsit??? Seems might quiet over there…did you run out of lies to tell on the Real Victim’s family?

      • YvetteEU says :

        Ha!!! You tell the Queen protector of white children…. She couldn’t help it to say something…. To bad that no one really cares WTF she has to say. LOL

    • catseye78 says :

      You Vicki are the only one around here who has been intimidated so now yet a again you Have reared your Ugly racist head again only to further humiliate yourself how pathetic

    • Manberk says :

      Don’t we get a pic of the pointy elbowed bleached hair wicked witch of the Trailer Park?!

    • journey2justice says :

      1. This blog is for Trayvon Warriors, not child murderer apologists or justice for only white children advocates 2. You words are that of a failed blogger, bitter because nobody cares about what you have to say or the lies you have told for over a year. The truth is, Miss Puke, you aren’t relevant, Re-NewsIt isn’t relevant, just a waste of time & space. Let’s be real here and just admit that you are angry that DPTM blew Re-NewIt out of the water in less than a month. Thanks, and don’t come again.

      • Thats_so_not_racist says :

        I get the feeling Re-newsit may be the star…of it’s on legal suit in the near future…I hope she relishes the attention then she so obsessively craves and why she posts today!

      • Truthseeker says :

        You’ve got Vile Pate’s number that’s for sure. It couldn’t be any more obvious that she’s green with envy over the success of DPTM, which never had had to resort the kind of fakery she suggested above. But I’ve no doubt she has, countless times, trying to bolster her pathetic, unimportant, and largely ignored blog. Thing is, it hasn’t worked…I guess Vile, and her other racist pals Yancy Faith and David Piercy ran out of steam and imagination when trying to come up with enough fake identities.

    • trayvonstruth says :

      Keep it up and there will be another blog post about you to send to Dream Catchers and this time I’ll be sure to send one to the management company that you work for as well. You’ve no business posting your lies on this blog so hopefully our wonderful host will ban you from here for good.

  6. BlueJ says :

    Whooo…. a visit from V.P. she’s like royalty in the racist nutter ranks!!

    • Thats_so_not_racist says :

      Best twitter buds of Jr…they sit and confirm each other’s racist bs. If you didn’t think the Zimm’s were racist before Jr’s tweets…he leaves no doubt and question that everything Witness 9 said was true about thugboat AND the family’s virulent racism!

  7. Kevin says :

    Just found this site today. Bravo on a great site. Justice for Trayvon….really like that countdown clock…

  8. CC (@CrazyChick5150) says :

    Thank you so much for the new Trayvon Martin blog and for posting the NBC Motion. We Warriors are strong in number and strong in conviction. Justice will prevail. Now, if you can only keep the riff-raff out. 🙂

  9. ladystclaire says :

    These hate filled “BIGOTS ” since childhood can’t help themselves. they have been taught how to hate black people by mommy, daddy, and the generation before. they sniff out all of these sites where people try to have a civilized conversation about this case with common sense people, they have to intrude where they are definitely not wanted. this is a site for those of us who know that what Fogen did was wrong and that he is lying in order to keep his @ZZ out of prison. this Vicki person can go to hell as far as I’m concerned and, so can the rest of those like her. I’m TEAM TRAYVON and, Fogen and his followers who think it’s alright to kill AA children be DAMNED!

  10. Kelly Payne says :

    Ruined his reputation? Is he kidding? He never had much of a reputation to began with. He ruined his own reputation when he murdered a 17 year old while he begged for his life. GIVE ME A BREAK..

    • Laura (@003Laura) says :

      I agree Kelly. George Zimmerman received the reputation of a child molester, woman beater, dog kicker, coworker bully and racist bigot child murderer etc. through his own doing. Period. He is foolish to think he’s going to get a cent from NBC.

  11. watchinu says :

    Good to see another Trayvon Martin blog. Shout out to all the loyal TM Warriors who have tirelessly fought – and will continue to fight – for justice for Trayon.

  12. hwosonn says :

    Does anyone know what the heck happened to Leatherman? One whole week now and no new thread whatsoever. Did he abandon it? I know he’s retired/unemployed except for selling cans and scrap metal at a recycling center…..

  13. Johng306 says :

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