6/3/13 Response to Attorney O’Mara’s “Misstatement”

From Attorney Crump: “George Zimmerman’s defense team’s so called apology yesterday for manipulating and mis-characterizing information about Trayvon Martin would be laughable in any other context, if this case wasn’t about the murder of an unarmed teenager. Let’s not forget the defense team has spent weeks now engaged in a despicable campaign to assassinate the character of a dead teenager in an attempt to influence a potential jury pool. Thankfully, the judge in this case has sided with the laws of evidence in saying that such information is irrelevant to the case, reminding us all that Trayvon is not on trial, but George Zimmerman is for 2nd degree murder.”

5 responses to “6/3/13 Response to Attorney O’Mara’s “Misstatement””

  1. Sandy Brown (@bk_sandy) says :

    He is despicable Hi Mr Crump

  2. LeLe & My Dog Spot (@alakerfangirl) says :

    O’Mara is one of those attorneys who reinforces the belief that some attorneys lie whenever their mouths move when speaking.

  3. Corey B. King says :

    So glad Trayvon’s family has your very competent and knowledgeable firm representing them! We are here, until justice is served!

  4. Jillian Cornvil says :

    Omara has had that information since Sept 2012. How could he of ”mis-spoke”. In a court of law, to a Judge!

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