Statement from Martin Family Attorney Ben Crump on Use of Expert Voice Analysis Testimony in Trial

Statement from Martin Family Attorney Ben Crump on Use of Expert Voice Analysis Testimony in Trial

It is ridiculous for the Zimmerman defense team to argue that expert voice analysts should not be permitted to testify at the trial when George Zimmerman himself stated the voice crying for help on the 911 recording “doesn’t even sound like me.” Zimmerman made this statement in his interview with Detective Chris Serino on 02/29/12 just 3 days after the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin. Expert voice analysis is necessary to assist in identifying the voices on the 911 tape.

To listen to the recording of Zimmerman’s statement on 02/29/12, please Click Here. Time stamp: 16:54

11 responses to “Statement from Martin Family Attorney Ben Crump on Use of Expert Voice Analysis Testimony in Trial”

  1. pork que says :

    Read this article and pass it around>
    George Zimmerman SEARCHED for & Created Circumstances that Directly Led to Killing Trayvon Martin

  2. kllypyn says :

    Now how did Zimmerman get those injuries? The evidence shows trayvon never touched him. Lets recap,No bruising or swelling to his knuckles or fingers.Just a tiny 1/8 inch sbrasion on his ring finger. None of Zimmmerman blood or dna on his hands or under his finger nails or on the sleeves of his hoodie,the only blood was his own.Zimmerman had no bruising or swelling on his face no busted lips no black eyes and no broken nose.

    Lets discus defensive wounds or the lack there of.Zimmerman had no defensive wounds on his hands he had no defensive wounds on his arms. his hands were uninjured. when someone beats you up you try to defend yourself which will leave what is commomnly knowsn as defensive wounds.Zimmerman had none.which means he was not getting beaten up by Trayvon or anyone else.

    So how did Zimmerman get those minor non life threatening injuries? A one inch long cut and a round puncture wound on the back of his head. the blood from those wounds flow toward his face., he was not on his back when he got those wounds.Funny how certain people can’t seem to figure that out.Most of these people graduated high school and college they should have learned certain things in health class.

    Point one trayvon had no Zimmerman blood or DNA on his hands under his finger nails or the sleeves of his hoodie.The only blood was his own which shows Trayvon clutched his chest after he was shot.Point 2 Trayvon had no bruising or swelling on his fingers or knuckles. Trayvon never touched him. He made no effort to hit him at all.

    So Mr Zimmerman,you and your lawyers know trayvon never touched you. How did you get those tiny injuries? the jury is gonna want to know. You and your lawyers know you were never the one screaming and begging for your life.They will know the instant they hear those screams who was screaming and you know it wasn’t you.

    As the one with the gun you know damned well you never screamed for help or begged for your life and you certainly wasn’t crying. You should have left trayvon alone. Trayvon wasn’t perfect but he was a good kid despite his screw ups. You had no right to kill him. You killed a panicking teenager as he begged you for his life and now you continue to lie about it.

    It’s crunch time now. be a real man and tell the truth and take responsibility for what you did.If you had shown some kindness and mercy instead of hate and contempt trayvon wouldn’t be dead.IT’S YOUR FAULT STOP BLAMING A DEAD KID FOR YOUR ACTIONS SCUMBAG.

  3. JanCorey says :

    Who knows? Maybe this trial will lead to a National-Shoot-A-Hoodie-Day where there will be no prosecution to any shooter of a hoodie if the shooter can prove they had any fear of the hood-ster. That would be fantastic and the result will make more bed-space for other criminals like Trayvon Martin and Travis Alexander, you know, those types of criminals. Fortunately, both Trayvon and Travis have both received Justice for their crimes. Now, it’s time to go after the parents of those drug-heads and pedophiles. Make use of the available jail/prison space.

  4. JanCorey says :

    It was great that Sybrina Fulton will use Trayvon’s name to expand his legacy, maybe with her own line of handgun-accessories like hollow-point-thug-bullets or perhaps some marijuana items like a Trayvon-brand-pot or maybe some bongs and roach clips or maybe some burglary tools like crow bars and glass cutters or maybe have a t-shirt with a gun-target on it with a picture of Trayvon inside the bullseye.

    • JustsaynotoTBMmythology says :

      ROFL Jan Corey! Love it! We also need a “TrayThug”-inspired SLIM JIM burglary tool (his favorite I recall, and found nearby to where his corpse was laying in the grass). Maybe TrayThug brand sizzurp/lean—“you too can destroy your liver prematurely just like Tray!!”. We also need the TrayThug guide to using and abusing young women and making them perform lots of oral sex on ya. Man oh man Tray was a
      NASTY ONE wasn’t he? Obsessed with getting #high af and getting #some fie head. VOMIT! So many possibilities. How about the TrayThug guide to skipping most days of school, getting expelled, never graduating from HS and flunking the idiot proof FCAT state test. Wow what a fucking idiot. Definitely headed to either a grave or prison. The Rachel-retard Trayvonites absolutely KNOW THIS about their druggy hero who loved to fight but they’re in too deep. Betcha anything there will be NO FED INDICTMENT (NO HATE CRIME DUH!!) and the moneygrab horrible “parents” who neglected their kid in life will NEVER SUE ZIMM CIVALLY (too much bad shit about their thug loser kid).
      I just love how any interest in TrayThug is almost dead and gone. $ybrina and Fruit Tracy will be broke within 2 years. Fucking liars. They deserve poverty!

      • JanCorey says :

        Maybe the Slim Jim-sausage company can get into this act tyo promote some thug-slims to expand their collection of items.

      • JanCorey says :

        JustsaynotoTBMmythology, they (parent’s of Trayvon) actually deserve prison time for what they did to our community where they both raised and allowed the unsupervised and unmonitored child-Trayvon to go gallivanting around on a full-fledged-crime-spree imo, getting high all the time, committing crimes while also failing in required school requirements. I am so glad Trayvon is now dead as maybe Trayvon’s buddies might glean from this that crime is not the best choice in their available options. Plus, it now opens up another bed-space in the prison system for more of Trayvon’s friends that they will clearly need soon.

  5. HarrisonBounel says :

    Anybody ever listen to a recording of your own voice? It doesn’t sound like you hear yourself does it. The FBI could not say for sure who’s voice it was, so sounds like there is no ‘expert’ testimony.

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