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Statement from Martin Family Attorney Ben Crump on Use of Expert Voice Analysis Testimony in Trial

Statement from Martin Family Attorney Ben Crump on Use of Expert Voice Analysis Testimony in Trial

It is ridiculous for the Zimmerman defense team to argue that expert voice analysts should not be permitted to testify at the trial when George Zimmerman himself stated the voice crying for help on the 911 recording “doesn’t even sound like me.” Zimmerman made this statement in his interview with Detective Chris Serino on 02/29/12 just 3 days after the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin. Expert voice analysis is necessary to assist in identifying the voices on the 911 tape.

To listen to the recording of Zimmerman’s statement on 02/29/12, please Click Here. Time stamp: 16:54

6/3/13 Response to Attorney O’Mara’s “Misstatement”

From Attorney Crump: “George Zimmerman’s defense team’s so called apology yesterday for manipulating and mis-characterizing information about Trayvon Martin would be laughable in any other context, if this case wasn’t about the murder of an unarmed teenager. Let’s not forget the defense team has spent weeks now engaged in a despicable campaign to assassinate the character of a dead teenager in an attempt to influence a potential jury pool. Thankfully, the judge in this case has sided with the laws of evidence in saying that such information is irrelevant to the case, reminding us all that Trayvon is not on trial, but George Zimmerman is for 2nd degree murder.”

4/30/13 Press Release From Benjamin Crump

There is no doubt that the legislature intended that a Stand Your Ground Immunity Hearing should be decided before trial.  Because ultimately, the Stand Your Ground Statute grants immunity from civil lawsuits, arrests, and trials, if a defendant prevails.


Therefore, while it may be theoretically possible for George Zimmerman to merge his Stand Your Ground Hearing into the trial, there is really no advantage to a defendant with a strong defense to do so.


The fact that George Zimmerman has decided to now waive his right to a stand your ground hearing before trial is very telling of his defense or lack there of.  We believe the Defense’s decision to waive a pre-trial hearing and to merge the Stand Your Ground Hearing into the trial is to prevent putting George Zimmerman on the stand and to preclude the public and the potential jury pool from previewing the many inconsistences in George Zimmerman’s story.


It has and continues to be our position that the Stand Your Ground Immunity Statute does not apply to the actions of George Zimmerman on the night that he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.  Further, the decision made by the defense to waive a pretrial hearing and to solely continue on to trial vindicates the many thousands of protesters who demanded George Zimmerman be arrested for the killing of Trayvon Martin. After all, to have a felony criminal trial an arrest must first be made.


4/13/13 Official Statement From Attorney Crump re: Fired Port Canaveral Sergeant

“It is absolutely reprehensible that a high-ranking member of the Port Canaveral Police, sworn to protect and serve Floridians, would use the image of a dead child as target practice. Such a deliberate and depraved indifference to this grieving family is unacceptable. The citizens of Port Canaveral deserve better.”

Statement From Trayvon Martin’s Family and Their Attorneys

April 11, 2013

Statement from Trayvon Martin’s Family and their Attorneys

One year ago today, the State of Florida decided that there was evidence to charge George Zimmerman for second-degree murder for profiling, pursuing, and killing our unarmed teenage son. The facts of this case are simple and straightforward. We are confident that a jury following the overwhelming evidence against George Zimmerman will hold him accountable for killing our son, Trayvon Martin.

For the Zimmerman family to allege that the justice system doesn’t work, simply because they are unhappy their son was arrested in the first place, is disingenuous and disrespectful to the very system that is currently affording him every available opportunity to defend himself. The arrest of an admitted killer is not a violation of due process, it is due process. Most will agree that no one has been given greater consideration by the justice system for killing an unarmed child, than George Zimmerman.

We continue to pray that our son’s death will serve as a catalyst in preventing other senseless acts of gun violence.