In a Motion dated March 15, 2013, the Defense again moved to Court to depose Attorney Benjamin Crump. The Court has previously ruled that the Defendant is not entitled to depose Attorney Crump, and should instead pursue deposing the actual fact witness (Witness 8). Thoughts?


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  1. BigBoi (@BigBoithedog) says :

    It’s too bad the defense just can’t follow the instructions of the court as they have been told repeatedly to do. I’m sure all of this could be addressed if they took witness #8’s deposition. I’m growing tired of the smokes and mirrors the defense is putting out there. Can’t wait until June gets here and the murderer is locked up for a long time.

    • Poor ol dumbass "K" says :

      Poor sad bitch Big Boi!!! Looks like your little fantasy world imploded on ya!! Last I heard you were BACK in jail after reoffending?? ROFL! Now we’ve got ANOTHER mugshot to admire of you Ms. K!!!!!
      Fucking loser … All the dumb as hell Trayvonistas! Eat your crow and choke on it!! ;).

  2. watchinu says :

    My thoughts? What a colossal waste of time, which they have precious little of in order to come up with a defense for their client. Who’s running this flea circus?

  3. Laura (@003Laura) says :

    Here’s an idea … why doesn’t George just fire O’Mara & West and have SundanceCRACKER & the Treepers represent him instead? We all know that’s who is REALLY dictating George’s defense.

    • ottawa925 says :

      You’re missing the point. Crump LIED in his Affidavit. His attorney will now have to reconcile what is in the Affidavit against what the audio recording from ABC shows. Crump said nothing was going on during the “silence” on his audio. He said that in his Affidavit. The ABC audio says otherwise. It will be interesting how Crump’s attorney will reconcile that. Try actually reading the documents filed and what is at issue. Stop putting your heads in the sand. If roles were reversed and Trayvon was on trial for George’s murder, whether he is guilty or not guilty you still would want him to have a fair trial. I would. I don’t want to see anyone railroaded. When you have attorneys that are circumventing and lying you can’t expect a fair process. You people are so hateful. There is no one at the treehouse that is happy Trayvon is dead. It’s a tragedy, yes … we can all agree on that. Someday you or your child may have to use self-defense to ward off an attack, or struggle to save their lives by taking someone elses. Then YOU will be in the situation George is now, or you will be the family … Mother or Father who’s child is in that position. Be careful what you wish for … as the saying goes.

      • journey2justice says :

        ” There is no one at the treehouse that is happy Trayvon is dead”

        Would you like to retract that statement before I post screenshots that show and say otherwise? You have some nerve calling us hateful people when most of you at the Treehouse have willingly stated that George did the world a favor and have resorted to calling Trayvon and his family racist names. You have all deemed Trayvon a thug right from the beginning and continue to assassinate his character in death WITH no evidence to back that up. Where is the “fairness” you speak of in that?

        The Treehouse has participated in the doxing of innocent minors and people supporting Trayvon Martin in efforts to intimidate – so dont you dare come here and act like you all are such great people.

        As for Benjamin Crump – you have been on his case since day 1 BEFORE the witness 8 interview. You are all pissed because he played a part in George FINALLY being arrested after walking away free for 45 days. Keep playing up the whole Crump/Dee Dee ordeal – the defense desperately needs this distraction.

      • Laura (@003Laura) says :

        George wouldnt be in that position if he had STAYED IN HIS TRUCK! He had no business following and confronting and unarmed teenager – he is NOT the police. HE decided Trayvon’s life was worth nothing that night. I can only hope that if it was my child that someone would have had the decency to stop that SOB in his tracks, and I would hope that MY son would fight for his life with every inch of his being! Perhaps you should borrow that 50 cents George had in his pocket that night (when he claimed to be going to Target) and by yourself a little bit of sense. Whatever brains 50 cents manages to get you will be more than you have now!

      • ladystclaire says :

        You are nothing but a miserable SOB who know nothing about what you are talking about. you people only support the other SOB because he shot and killed an AA child. had he killed a white kid, *YOU POINTY HEAD PEOPLE* would be screaming for his to get the needle. he’s a POS AND SO ARE YOU AND THE REST OF THAT SLUM HOUSE. YOU B*****D!

      • MCAMILLX says :

        This not in reference to this comment. I am trying to reach you , as I found an old article on Daniel S Mahru. You were looking for Picture, I have one, Do you still want one.?

    • ladystclaire says :

      Right on! imagine that, a murder defendant’s defense team is taking orders from a group of bigoted racist on a blog site. this is a first and, both of these attorneys should be disbarred by the Florida bar and, never be allowed to practice law ever again.

  4. BigBoi (@BigBoithedog) says :

    Don’t know why that fool left the dredges of hell to come here and post when clearly he knows he’s not welcome here. He needs to go back to his Jim Jones wannabe so they can all drink the cyanide-laced koolaid when Crackerhead tells them too. None of them can think on their own, they have to have their Jim Jones wannabe telling them what to do and what to say. I can’t think of a single thing he’s been right about at this point. I find it laughable that he has told all of them that DeeDee was deposed last Friday when that hasn’t even happened yet. All one has to do is read the idiotic motion which leads me to wonder why exactly the defense hasn’t deposed her yet? They’ve been told too a handful of times by the judge so get the show on the road.

    • ladystclaire says :

      These A’holes at the tree house had better watch who they follow over there because, I have it on *GOOD* authority that some of them on that blog site will be *FACING CHARGES* for their little doxing and making threats against other people. it would serve this CRACKER right, to be going to prison along with his MASTER Fogen. imagine, they are going to jail for taking sides with this 100% HISPANIC dude who they think is half white. those at the tree slum are IDIOTS and so is their MASTER Fogen. BTW, these are the same people who cry, the Mexican’s are taking our jobs. LMAO

      • ottawa925 says :

        lady, you need anger management. Your hate is going to eat you alive.

      • STFU "lady"FATASS says :

        “LADY”stClaire: You’ve always been one of the angriest and most hostile bitches out there. Well I’ve got your number, you fucktard radical black racist— keep stuffing your fat face with greasy fried chicken as you steadily reach 400 lbs. Hell yeah you’re just another asshole hater who will surely die before age 55 thanks to diabetes, smoking like a damn chimney ( YOU REEK! Barf!), eating into extreme obesity AND having off the chart high blood pressure thanks to your nasty as hell bad attitude and hateful personality! Tell me bitch, have you always had that massive chip on your shoulder? Awww feeling sensitive because your FAKE “scholar” son is spending some quality time in the state pen?? But oh he such a good chile you say. Hmm mmm fat ass…. Sure thing…. Your criminal kids are just ” oppressed by the man”. LOLOL! LOSER.

    • ottawa925 says :

      Thought you might appreciate honest discussion of the case and facts … what we know … what we don’t. I guess I was wrong. I think I have been respectful but you just can’t talk to ppl when they are hell bent on a lynching.

  5. watchinu says :

    Damn, someone left the door open and one of those rabid Wolverine pups wandered in and pooped all over the new carpet.

  6. ottawa925 says :

    Journey, if they did so, they were wrong to do it. Not everyone at the treehouse is like minded. The vast majority view it as a tragedy. If you don’t want to believe that … so be it. And Laura, Trayvon should have gone home. He didn’t. George lived in that community, was known to the community, and the community was plagued by breakins and home invasions. To George, Trayvon was a stranger there. You have kids. Don’t you notice or care who is in your neighborhood? You could be on the phone with your kids outside, and you look away, and next minute one of your kids is missing. Right? You will be asked if anyone looked out of place in your neighborhood. George getting out of his car to try to keep Trayvon in sight WHILE HE WAS ON PHONE WITH POLICE was not the actions of someone looking to kill some young teen. George was trying to aid police. Sure would have been different if George stayed on the phone till police arrived, but he hung up and was headed back to his truck. Trayvon SAW all along he was on phone. Who the heck did Trayvon think he was talking to? His accountant? Trayvon WAITED till George hung up … that’s when he made his move. Why didn’t he go home? The truth is Trayvon CONFRONTED George. The defense will prove that. In fact, by DD’s own words … Trayvon spoke first. THAT is confrontation.

    • Laura (@003Laura) says :

      How do you know Trayvon didn’t try to go home? How do you know he wasn’t scared and hid from George? How do you know that George didnt walk back to his truck, and instead continued to follow him and kept Trayvon from getting home? Because George said so? LOL

      You act if is Trayvon is supposed to be a mind reader and that its his responsibility to know who George was talking to. People sit in their vehicles and talk on their cell phones all the time. People, and children, should have the freedom to walk home, whether it be raining or not, and make it there alive.

      Yes, I have children and if it were ME who saw someone “suspicious” in my neighborhood, I’d make the call to police and go back into my house/vehicle, whatever it may be, and let the police handle it. I wouldn’t have taken it upon myself to follow this suspicious person (who I claimed to be in fear of) with my GUN and then use the excuse that I was looking for a street sign.

      I guess it’s normal behavior for you all to give someone with a history of violence and irrational behavior a clean, clear pass right?

      • ottawa925 says :

        Laura, I won’t want to say “I told you so”, but i think you are going to be in for a big surprise when the evidence comes out. You won’t like it. But let’s start at the beginning. George is charged with Murder2. It is very specific and has a very certain criteria to be met. The State did not have to charge Murder2, it could have charged a broader charge of manslaughter. It didn’t. Corey thought it would pressure George to plea. He’s not going to. It’s going to trial. The State has the ENTIRE BURDEN to prove Murder2 to a jury of 12, not Judge Nelson. It’s not going to happen. The defense merely needs to discredit all evidence presented. Discredit all adverse witnesses. Then it can present it’s own evidence (which is where the surprise will come in) and this case it is over. But let’s just say I throw you a bone and say George is convicted. This case already is prime for appeal on so many levels it isn’t even funny. So again, should a conviction happen, which it won’t, the appeal is there for the taking. George and wife will move out of the country, and we will know everything about Trayvon, Tracy, Sabrina, George and family and the end result is that … it was a tragedy because a misguided youth made some bad decisions.

    • Laura (@003Laura) says :

      Trayvon asking someone “why are you following me” is confrontational? LOL Hardly! Better yet, that’s not even the least bit threatening. Oh I know, it was the “homie” and “you’re gonna die tonight motherfu**er” that really rattled George. Those movie lines will do it EVERY time … Smh.

    • dennis green says :

      Silly lilly, confrontation is following someone in a car and get out the car starrey eyed, never introduce yourself and then get into that persons personal space. Abandon your one track mind for a moment and put yourself in TM’s place.

      • ottawa925 says :

        Dennis, I assume you have seen a map of the community. I would expect that if George lives in the community that he has to drive to get OUT of the community in order to go anywhere. I drive everyday and see people. Doesn’t mean I am following them. Trayvon CIRCLED the man’s car with the man IN the car. That is sending a message. You know it, and I know it. That’s intimidation. If I was Trayvon, I would have kept walking back to Brandi’s … end of story. Who in the world calls police and then deliberately shoots someone when police are going to show up within moments? Who? Do you honestly believe someone would do that? It’s going to be hard to convince a jury that George KNEW Trayvon was at the complex and just decided to call police, alert them, shoot him, and then wait around for police. Wow. If someone made a movie like that I’d say … boy, you have to suspend belief big time to get into this story.

    • ladystclaire says :

      You prove that Trayvon confronted that lying B*****D. you pointy head SOB’S know very well that this POS is lying with each and every word that comes out of his nasty filthy mouth. YOU PEOPLE ARE WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY WITH ALL OF YOUR IGNORANCE AND HATE LIVES! YEA, I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU AND HOW YOU WERE ALL TAUGHT HOW TO HATE OTHERS WHO ARE DIFFERENT FROM YOU, BY YOUR PARENTS AND GENERATIONS OF OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS. if you really want to know who the real thugs are in this country, it’s *YOU PEOPLE!* there were three white guys in a town not far from where I live, who killed another white youth so tell me, what would you call them? WHITE THUGS and they were in their late teens-early twenties. so what do you and the rest of the tree slum call these 3 boys?

  7. ottawa925 says :

    I can say maybe it’s time we start discussing together instead of having this camp and that camp. That gets us nowhere. If you want a just and fair trial you will discuss. If you just want a lynching … then you won’t.

    • journey2justice says :

      Interesting. Could Cracker closing his daily thread be the reason you wish to “discuss” things now? It was never an option before, was it? That’s against the Treehouse rules right?

      • ottawa925 says :

        I think it was a good idea. With long spells between anything happening in the case, it’s a lot to monitor everyday. Better to wait till something happens and then have a thread specific to that. I personally like the idea. Sorry, what’s against treehouse rules? I didn’t get that.

  8. ottawa925 says :

    and Laura, you would want your kid to fight for his life. Where were all the injuries George inflicted on Trayvon? There was only one. A gunshot wound. All the injuries were sustained by George. You say you would want your kid to fight for his life. I’m sure Mrs. Zimmerman feels the same.

  9. ottawa925 says :

    Lara, how would you like to sit in your car as a stranger comes and circles your car looking at you. You gonna call police. Especially if your kids are in the car with you. Well, Trayvon did just that. That was told to NEN as it was happening. You want people to believe that not knowing Trayvon was in the area that George just left his house looking for trouble, spotted a kid, ran after him with his gun in the air … scaring the poor kid and then when this heavy set guy catches up to a lean mean runnin machine, he pulls out his gun, shoots Trayvon, then finds somebody or something to inflict injuries on himself just moments before police arrive.

    ^ If I told that to police they would say … let’s go over it again.

    • Laura (@003Laura) says :

      Let’s be clear that this is not about my children and me being in George’s situation. I fail to see your point by relating my children to what George Zimmerman SAID happened.

      • ottawa925 says :

        cause it could be anyone’s child. Yours, mine, the neighbor down the way. You think the world revolves around the Zimmermans. It doesn’t. It revolves around all of us. And YOU and yours could fall victim to the same thing.

    • BigBoi (@BigBoithedog) says :

      You better mind your manners and leave Laura’s kids out of this and off of this blog. That is totally not cool. You all think what you did at the nuthouse when you posted pictures of her children was cool but it wasn’t. Her children are not a part of the discussion. They are not a part of this case and you have NO BUSINESS bringing them up PERIOD.

      • ottawa925 says :

        Nobody is talking about Laura’s kids. That’s just you trying to create something that isn’t and you know it. That’s how you role. Who posted pics of her kids? I never did. If she has pics of her kids on her gravatar that’s on her. You can’t put your gravatar with your kids on it and then tell ppl don’t look at it. You nutty.

      • ladystclaire says :

        Don’t worry BigBoi, I have it on very good authority that those who did that and also those who took part in doxing others connected to this case, will be having charges leveled against them and, this is what the IMBECILES get! this is a federal crime and they are going to do some time right along with their idol Fogen. jail birds of a feather right.

  10. Cheyenne says :

    It’s unbelievable how people rely on what a proven habitual liar says to be the truth, instead of evidence and facts, but there it is.

  11. Cheyenne says :

    ottawa925 leave other peoples children out of this, you have no right bringing them into this case.

    • ottawa925 says :

      talking about peoples children in general is not talking specific. People have kids. Kids commit crimes and kids are victims of crimes. I don’t care whos kids they are.

  12. ottawa925 says :

    Lastly, there are screen captures of Tracy talking about how he was at wits end with Trayvon. Who leaves teens at home and takes off, when one of them has had a history of problems, one of which was the reason they had the time to take the trip to Brandi’s. I would never in a million years leave a kid that could not be trusted on his own. Tracy made the fatal mistake of trying to be his son’s best friend instead of his father. It’s a mistake many many parents make. The kid was floundering. It was only a matter of time. He was a ticking time bomb for the Martins … too bad they couldn’t see the writing on the wall. I’m sorry to say that. It hurts to say that. He’s not alone. So many kids are in the same boat. Tracy knew how to make em, but wasn’t involved enough to lead them in the right direction. I would never get involved with a man that was making babies with multiple women. Would you? If so, why?

    • ladystclaire says :

      You are one lying SOB there is no such thing. what has Trayvon and his family ever done to any of you RED NECK B******S? Fogen was arrested as he should have been several weeks before. *YOU POINTY HEADS* are just angry because, black people are not suppose to have the kind of power that involved the FBI AND THE DOJ in this case. that right there more than anything else is why you IMBECILES are dissing this kid and his family at every turn. YOU PEOPLE are the SCUM OF GOD’S GREEN EARTH. the sooner people like you are NO MORE, THE BETTER.

    • ladystclaire says :


  13. ottawa925 says :

    Laura? Prosecution said “misrepresented”. Misrepresented means “lied”.

    From Merriam-Webster:

    1: to give a false or misleading representation of usually with an intent to deceive or be unfair

    • ladystclaire says :


      • DeliahK says :

        Still an angry, hostile witch of a human, aren’t ya??!!
        You need serious psychiatric help ASAP. Anyone that insanely jealous and paranoid about white people needs to be institutionalized and medicated pronto! Don’t blame white folks for all your failings and your welfare lifestyle! Your black thug teens are profiled BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONES KILLING ROBBING AND RAPING INNOCENT PEOPLE!!! Quit bitching about Zimmerman and wake the fuck up already. The greatest threat to you blacks is OTHER BLACKS!!! DUH ……… So crystal clear.
        That, and welfare dependence/laziness, massive pot use, criminal lifestyles and 75%of babies being born in SINGLE BLACK PARENT HOMES!!! Control your own kind before you attack whites. YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY!

  14. ottawa925 says :

    Ok, kids, it has been a blast, but time to call it a day. Tried to do my best and discuss in a civil manner, but that is impossible here. Don’t bother to discuss facts, just keep on hating. It’s what jesus would do, right? Ahhh, but who wants religion to muddle the issue. Vengence is mine … said the Lord.

  15. Make Each Day Count says :

    Oh Lawd I see now that the “Cracker” has closed his threads about his hero, the coconuts are on the loose looking for trouble everywhere else. As though someone who participated in the illegal activities at #nutterland really want to discuss the evidence. Smoke and Mirrors and “facts” according to George. Silly you!

    Leave children out of this. You showed your hand when you came in here talking about children. What you all participated in at #nutterland.with doxing and witness intimidation posting pictures of children, will be rewarded by the legal system. Wait for It. Just like the two juveniles who are now in juvenile detention for making threats against Jane Doe @Stubenville, a witness, victim in that case. There will be repercussions for the activities at the broken tree.

    You seem to have taken a wrong turn on the information highway. Without Cracker head you are all lost. GPS needed if you can’t afford it at least buy an Atlas! LOL Think! Why is the massive delete going on? What is there to hide?

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