4/12/2013 Motion to Determine Confidentiality of Court Records in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Unseal

The following Motion was filed by Benjamin Crump in the Circuit Court on 4/12/2013

Motion to Determine Conf. of Court Records in Opp to Def Motion to Unseal

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6 responses to “4/12/2013 Motion to Determine Confidentiality of Court Records in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Unseal”

  1. BigBoi (@BigBoithedog) says :

    Thanks for putting this up. There are many of us who despise going to you know where to get these documents. You guys are the best.

    • shannoninmiami says :

      yeah I can’t go there either. it’s too depressing to realize there are..what, even if it’s a dozen of them, I can’t stand to see people who would actively research ways to harass and disparage an innocent murder victim and his own family!
      it’s hard to believe all of these types of people thinking ill of Trayvon period, let alone that they’ve found a place to congregate to do it with glee and abandon.

      we ( my 6 y.o.& i ) will be donating double in May. i’m sure your expenses will be going up in the next couple a weeks! thank you so much.
      XOXOX shannon

  2. Linda Rose (@Cayleesjustice) says :

    There are more who stand for justice for Trayvon than those who want justice for his offender. Good will always triumph over evil. Trayvon will get justice. yes, thanks for this site, I hate going elsewhere for those documents. Now waiting for Mr Blackwell’s eloquent motion to squash the motionthe appellate court has from the defendant. Life as GZ knows it will end…my belief

  3. captainlongschlongsilver says :

    Sometimes I wonder if the Traypologist Cult is made up exclusively of people who suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome or were dropped on their heads at birth

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